.        Back on May 26, 2020, I stepped out of my element in reviewing Sevedust's music, by reviewing Papa Roach's fourth album, entitled Getting Away With Murder, to once again expand on my horizons. And while the Lajon Witherspoon-led band is hands down my number one in all things music, reviewing that album was something that I challenged myself to do, as I continue to add to what I've already done in my career. And of course with that last part being said, I almost immediately decided to challenge myself with reviewing yet another non-Sevendust album. 

Of course, next came the question of "Which?", as in "Which album would I review next?" 

The answer? Well, I was debating on stepping away from the metal scene for music reviewing to focus on the genre of gangsta rap, with the Dr. Dre album "The Chronic" and the 2Pac album "Me Against The World" as my top two choices for the next review project. However, I never got around to doing either of those reviews, due to a heavy workload in other aspects of my career during that particular stretch of late May 2020.

But after making adjustments to my schedule during the final weekend of May 2020, I thought back to a pretentious time in my personal life where I heard a small snippet of what sounded like a country song one day back while I still worked the traditional job route.  However, I was wrong about the genre, as it was a soft rock song, entitled "You And Me", by this band named Lifehouse. And like the dishonest person that I was with myself about my personal life at that time, I became a fan of that song during the 2013/2014 timeframe. Matter of fact, I became a fan of that song so much that I purchased it on iTunes.

But of course, becoming honest with myself about my personal life in August 2019 convinced me that that song no longer had any purpose in my life, therefore me deleting it from my iTunes library right after that self-convincing.

Unfortunately, my inability to no longer have certain songs stuck in my head reared itself with that song. But instead of letting that fact overshadow everything that I have going for myself, I changed course, by deciding to instead write a review of the album that that song is on, which of course is the self-titled Lifehouse album, thus being the subject of this review. 

Released on March 22, 2005, the self-titled album was the band's third studio album, as well as the first one that started their trend of light adult pop-rock. 

Of course, I didn't listen (and still haven't listened) to their first two albums (No Name Face, Stanley Climbfall) before reviewing this album, so I'll be unable to have an opinion on what I think of them changing up their style (post-grunge) from those two albums to this one. 

However, what I can have is an opinion on this album, as I listened to it in its entirety to review it as a whole. And just like the Getting Away With Murder review, the song aspect of this review is in a song-by-song breakdown via the bullet points below:

  • Come Back Down-For as much as I dreaded reviewing this album, this song exceeded my expectations. Especially with what's coming up on song 3.
  • Blind-Just like Come Back Down, it exceeded my expectations.
  • You And Me-Prior to my purchase of it on iTunes, it was a song that I heard three times on the radio, which made me assume that it was the hit single at the time that this album was released. Or should I say shit single because the lyrics are nonsensical, along with the fact that this song screams bad Hallmark Hall Of Fame movie type song and/or any Lifetime made-for-TV movie type song.
  • All In All-It does rebound nicely after You And Me, but it feels incomplete to me.
  • Better Luck Next Time-Some of Wade's cadence is similar to Lajon Witherspoon's and the song overall is slightly better than All In All.
  • Days Go By-Slightly similar opening sound as You And Me, but obviously way better than that song. It also rebounds way better than both All In All and Better Luck Next Time, as both of those song followed the aforementioned You And Me.
  • Into The Sun-Some of the guitar riffs remind me of a sound coming from Carlos Santana, it also sounds a like The Bravery song "Time Won't Let Go", some of Wade's cadence is similar to Witherspoon's and some of his cadence is also similar to Sam Endicott, lead singer of The Bravery.
  • Undone-It kind of sounds like a Matchbox Twenty. It's perfect in the second part of a back-to-back with Into The Sun.
  • We'll Never Know-Wade's cadence sounds similar to Rob Thomas' and it's a perfect follow-up to Undone.
  • Walking Away-It has very nice lyrics. The best all-around song of the album from both a lyrical standpoint and sound standpoint.
  • Chapter One-It has very nice lyrics.
  • The End Has Only Begun-It has very nice lyrics and is a good closing song.

Overall, this Lifehouse album is better than I thought, considering what song number 3 is. However, it's also somewhat not that memorable of an album unless you're a fan of the band. Plus, this album definitely won't be one of my top non-Sevendust choices nor will it most likely be as such. And if you're like me in the sense of having a number one that isn't Lifehouse in all things music, then you'll probably feel the same exact way.

 Well everyone, that's it for this edition of A Dusty's Perspective. Tune into the next entry to see what my next non-Sevendust review will be.

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